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Currently a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, I study urban sociology and inequality. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I am particularly interested in how changes in regional economic structures effect stratification and mobility opportunities, particularly for the working class. I also participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some Interesting Links, 11/1/11

The CBO released a report recently on trends in US household income from 1979 to 2007.  Here is a thoughtful summary and response to that report, and a quick, thoughtful blog post about the report with informative graphics.  Both response articles probe the data to ask why and how the income gap has increased so much over these years.

National data shows that the recession has slowed internal US migration, with many sun belt destinations now losing population.  At the same time, evidence is showing that Pittsburgh has reversed its brain drain, with the metro area getting younger and smarter.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, folks from the NHL really seem to want to spend time in the Steel City, as they have announced the 2012 NHL draft will be held there.  Local reports suggest this will bring about 17,000 people, and of course their wallets, to the city.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine recently ranked Pittsburgh among the top destinations in the world in 2012.  Among several exotic locations, the city is listed as an "Extreme Metropolitan Makeover."  Also on this list is cottage country in Ontario, Canada, which is a beautiful area of the world, especially in late July and early August.

I don't always read The Onion, but when I do, I prefer the articles that make jokes about the rust belt.  "One of its most bizarre customs involved workers being employed at the same job at the same location day in and day out for their entire adult lives."

Among other things, Justin Timberlake says, "Let's be clear, no one walks around Los Angeles. We all drive. It's ridiculous."

The drug war in Mexico is bad.

If you've ever wanted to drink George Washington's whiskey, now you can.

Halloween is an interesting holiday.  STARS students at Ohio University want their peers to rethink costumes which function as caricatures of race or ethnicity.

My brother's senior art show will open Monday, November 21st at the AABC Art Center in Butler, PA.

"No real than you are."