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Currently a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, I study urban sociology and inequality. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I am particularly interested in how changes in regional economic structures effect stratification and mobility opportunities, particularly for the working class. I also participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First things first...

First things first, I always love seeing this news.  Pittsburgh is certainly not perfect, but it is one of my favorite places.

I think this is a really cool idea.  I feel like I've been seeing more and more examples of folks finding use for abandoned spaces. All of them are interesting projects.  The music they've come up with is good, too.

As this article states:
"Urban population growth is the great theme of modern life, one that’s unfolding all across the world, from the factory boomtowns of Southern China to the sprawling favelas of Rio de Janeiro. As a result, for the first time in history, the majority of human beings live in urban areas. (The numbers of city dwellers are far higher in developed countries — the United States, for instance, is 82 percent urbanized.) Furthermore, the pace of urbanization is accelerating as people all over the world flee the countryside and flock to the crowded street."
... and this has inspired physicist Geoffrey West to try to "solve" the city. Lots of things to think about here.

Public transit really isn't my specialty, but there has been so much coverage of the 405 shutdown in Los Angeles.  Interestingly, L.A. is often rated as having one of the best public transit systems among cities in the U.S.  Here is an interesting Op-ed on the 405 situation.

This American Life is one of my favorite radio programs.  I'm waiting for a road trip to give this episode a listen.  I have heard good reviews, and since the whole thing is set in PA, a story involves professors, and it deals with shale gas, which is a topic everyone at home has been very interested in, I'm anxious to give it a listen.  

And, this being my first full blog post, I think I will give a shout out to one of my favorite photography websites.  Pittsburgh is pretty.