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Friday, July 22, 2011

Some interesting links, baseball heavy, 7/22/11

If you're interested in place, All Things Considered's series "On Location" is pretty cool. This installment takes a look at the central Florida of The Yearling.

On the same day as the above article, All Things Considered ran this story about the old Tiger Stadium in Detroit.  It seems some fans and locals really want to maintain the place as a public park, but the city does not have the means to maintain or take on the liability.  People want public space.

Speaking of baseball, the Pittsburgh Pirates are currently in first place.  While PNC Park is consistently ranked as the best stadium in MLB, this is the first season the park has consistently sold out for Pirate games.  Here is a good article about how the town has rallied around the Pirates.  While I have been a fan for the last few years, and I can forgive those fans who are just now joining the bandwagon.  I know they've been busy cheering the Stillers and the Pens, and their current fervor makes up for not being around the last few years.  Also, that article includes a quote that echoes a sentiment I have heard many times from older folks in Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh is a baseball town.  It's good to see quality baseball being played here.  Pittsburgh's sports culture is intense and it is fun to be a part of it.

PNC Park is a great stadium.  If you go, I recommend sitting on the 3rd base side, giving you a great view of the downtown skyline.