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Currently a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, I study urban sociology and inequality. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I am particularly interested in how changes in regional economic structures effect stratification and mobility opportunities, particularly for the working class. I also participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interesting Links, 10/1/11

So, the Occupy Wall Street thing is happening. I've seen lots of Occupy groups forming on facebook, organizing events in various cities.  Let's personalize the protesters a bit by looking at these portraits.

I will be interested to see how this project in Columbia, SC will progress. I will probably be using this in my urban sociology class next spring.  Thanks to Matt Cazessus for sharing this with me.

Also, thanks to him for sharing this collection of maps of Pittsburgh with me.  I think 1980 is my favorite.

I had no idea idea Lancaster, PA had been the U.S. capital for a day. That is fun.

Education is an important determinant of earnings.  And Pittsburgh is 8th on the list of cities with the largest growth in proportion of the population with a college degree.

So, since it launched a couple of weeks ago I have found myself spending a lot of time reading The Atlantic Cities.  Here is an article on how folks are creating better measures of poverty.  Here is an article on how geography is a major factor in the outcomes for those who are unemployed.  As a third example, here is a list of 9 cool projects built or being built under highway overpasses.

Speaking of enjoying the great outdoors within cities, kayakers are now enjoying the Los Angeles River.  Along these lines, I am also working on a little article about mountain biking destinations in cities. I will share that when it comes out.

This is old, but I just found it. A great interactive tool to explore how class works in the U.S.

Baseball is awesome, and awesome baseball happened this past week.  It may have been the best day of baseball ever.

Rock and Roll.